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Anna Green Direct Selling Success

I'm Anna Green

I teach network marketers and direct sellers to make more sales and build their team - without the ick!

I believe that the right training should give direct sellers the confidence, empowerment and the belief that they can go out and change their world. This doesn't happen when you're told to put messaging out there that feels icky, sp*mmy or pushy. You CAN build a successful business with authenticity and integrity. I did and I'll show you step by step how you can too.

Anna Green Direct Selling Success

Let's transform your direct sales business together

Whether you're brand new and just starting out or you're already growing your very own direct selling empire, I've got training and support you can access to help your business grow.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, check out my courses and memberships.

365 Days of Content Prompts

Never run out of content ideas again! This download will give you a unique content prompt each and every day of the year specifically for your product based direct selling business. I've designed the prompts to increase engagement with your ideal customer and to help you create opportunities for conversations.


"Anna's knowledge of direct selling and her expertise in the industry is absolutely brilliant. All her advice to be consistent, engaging and never sp*mmy works. When she talks about 'mind beetles' and 'self doubt' she's so accurate, and being made aware of them really helped me in my business.

Following Anna's advice, I now have a growing team of 6 lovely ladies and it has given me the confidence to reach out to others without it being pushy or unwanted. Thank you Anna, you're brilliant!"


post ideas to attract direct sales teams


Do you struggle to talk about your business opportunity on social media?

Download my 104 post ideas here and start attracting your ideal teamie without being icky or sp*mmy but by creating interest, solving problems and creating conversations using these prompts.


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

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